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We're proud to be an integral part of our customers' supply chains connecting food producers, processors, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and restaurants to the end consumer.

Our Mission

To be the global provider of choice for temperature-controlled infrastructure and supply chain solutions through our innovation, experience, and people.


Americold's history be traced to the early 20th century, right around the time of the first ice and coal companies when hay was the insulator of choice!  Americold came from mergers and acquisitions that started with the Atlanta Ice and Coal Company, Atlanta City Brewing Company (later known as Atlanta Brewing and Ice Company,) Versacold, Munford, Jackson Atlantic, United Refrigerated Services, and Atlas Cold Storage (formerly known as Georgia Freezer) and others.  Click through our heritage timeline to see some information on significant dates throughout our history:

  1. Americold’s roots date back to 1903 and were sculpted with the assistance of Ernest Woodruff when he merged three cold storage warehouses to form Atlantic Ice & Coal Company around 1903.

  2. Atlantic Ice & Coal Company is renamed Atlantic Company. They sell plate ice in 10 x 14' sheets that are 14 inches thick!

  3. Atlantic Company begins to expand into a variety of different businesses, including cold storage and beer production. The latter contributing up to 50% of the company’s revenues at its peak.

  4. The first brewery was opened in Chattanooga, TN. Beer names include: Atlantic, Steinerbru, and Signal.

  5. Atlantic Company opens ice convenience stores. Soon after, the ice convenience stores turn into modern day convenience stores under the brand name EZ.

  6. Atlantic Company ventures into fried chicken with Wishbone Fried Chicken, "Captain Wishbone" is born as the company's radio personality.

  7. Atlantic Company merges with Munford Do it Yourself stores and became Atlantic-Munford, driving rapid convenience store growth. The company then merges with Jackson Minit Market and Handy Andy, and is renamed to become Jackson-Atlantic.

  8. Jackson-Atlantic grows to 40 warehouses in the USA - one of the largest warehouse networks at the time.

  9. Jackson-Atlantic company goes public.

  10. Jackson-Atlantic merges with United Refrigerated Services, then sets out on a path to develop the USA’s most comprehensive cold storage network.

  11. Atlanta, GA becomes the company’s home again.

  12. Acquisitions and mergers continue and the company's current name, Americold, appears in 1997.

  13. Americold acquires Freezer Services and the Camar Group.

  14. Americold begins to expand after acquiring sites from ConAgra and other customers.

  15. Americold acquires Versacold to become the largest temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution services provider in the world.


Our company culture is based on respect for the associates and one that treats everyone fairly. For that reason, we have established a set of core values that we live by.

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