Taking Care of Business

Temperature-controlled solutions are a hive of activity. Read more about some of our fundamental undertakings that ensure we can offer you consistent, reliable service.

Food Safety

We’re dedicated to safe and compliant warehousing and transportation operations. Proper temperature management is the most obvious attribute in a long list of critically important checks and balances set up to restrict detrimental environments that may affect your product.  You can be confident that your products are being received, stored, and distributed under exacting environmental conditions and temperature specifications. Simply put: we handle your products as you would handle them yourselves.

Risk Management

Americold's Risk Management systems include: Safety Policy Processes, Safety Management Systems Audits, Behavioral Based Safety training and evaluations, and Occupational Health programs to exceed standard regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

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Engineering Facility Services

At the center of our operations are state-of-the-art refrigeration systems keeping a billion cubic feet of warehouse capacity at constant cold temperatures, and a fleet of more than 4400 material handling equipment vehicles shuttling inventory throughout our facilities.  Our Engineering Facility Managers control our machinery - the life blood of our operations.

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Overages, Shortages and Damages (OS&D)

While the utmost care and attention is given to your products, claims happen.  How your supply chain partner handles your claim makes a difference.  Americold's overages, shortages and damages process is designed to efficiently address your concerns. 

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Memberships & Partnerships

Corporate Social Responsibility