Technology Solutions

Americold’s en-view technology suite of solutions systemically captures data from all points of the supply chain that Americold manages. These solutions provide our customers with predictive analytics, enabling them to make proactive decisions – fast.

Application Stacks

Americold’s three main systems for warehouse management, labor management, and transportation management provide coordinate complex activity processes efficiently and cost-effectively, resulting in our ability to drive down need for large volumes of safety inventory.  This saves you time, reduces your costs, and offers your peace of mind that we can protect service delivery promises that you've made to your customers.


The ultimate in supply chain control.  Direct visibility into our WM and TM Systems, and almost one billion cubic feet of warehouse capacity across Americold’s international network in the USA and Australia - right from the palm of your hand.

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

For a more single-window conduit to manage your orders, consider Electronic Data Interchange.  Control order, receipt and inventory management processing directly from your own operating system - full supply chain visibility empowering quick decision making. More than 800 customers trading over 50,000 documents each day are already connected to us through EDI.  Wouldn't you like to see the advantages for yourself?  Contact us for more information.

Infrastructure and Customer Integrations