More than an opportunity - a chance to join an industry-leading team

At Americold, we believe a great company begins with the talents of a valued, active, and engaged workforce. If you are looking for career with a future, Americold is ready to grow with you.

Life At Americold

Building something big

“The meals in your freezer, the food on your dinner table. I am a part of that, a part of something bigger.

I am an important link in the supply chain. And that’s a good feeling.

My #cooljob and my career growth at Americold are supported by a company committed to the highest standards of professionalism, performance, and safety. I’m part of a company that is leading the temperature-controlled supply chain industry with a unique combination of assets, innovation, and expertise.

Each day begins with a safety review, as well as all of the information I need as a fully engaged team member: the day’s to-do list, upcoming events, customer information, and company or facility updates. With the goals for the day and my specific responsibilities in hand, I do some light stretching to get ready for the activities ahead. I grab my cool equipment, such as my special insulated coat, my rugged boots, heavy duty gloves, safety goggles, and a lift truck, and the warehouse springs to life.

Tasks vary from day to day and site to site, so my fellow Americold Associates and I constantly have new challenges before us. There’s never a dull moment here!”

What is a typical day like in the warehouse?

Collaboration is important at Americold

” ‘Teamwork’ is more than a word at Americold. My fellow Associates and I truly carry the team spirit into everything we do. We help each other perform at a high level through the principles of the Americold Operating System [AOS]. Everyone in the company uses these beliefs, behaviors and tools to execute our business plans and provide the most value to our customers.

And like every Associate, I know that I am a respected contributor to the success of Americold. Our Associates are the key to our achievements. We are all part of a dynamic company that is constantly evolving and changing to meet our customers’ needs and to lead our industry. Come join a winning team and be a part of something big!”

Mary – Warehouse Associate in Gainesville, GA