What are some of the requirements of Safe Quality Food for Storage and Distribution?

SQF maintains a web page that provides a tremendous amount of information regarding the food safety programs, training opportunities, and detailed requirements: www.sqfi.com. The actual Code for Storage and Distribution can be found under their “Resource Center” and it’s free to download. You can also find additional information about FDA and the recent Food Safety Modernization Act on the same site.

Americold’s Director of Food Safety is an active member of SQF’s Technical Advisory Council and could likely answer any further questions you might have. Contact us for additional information.

What are some examples of controls employed by Americold warehouses to keep my food safe?

Each Americold facility follows FDA-mandated requirements for documenting and implementing Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls. As food is received and shipped at our warehouses, product temperatures are collected, recorded, and verified to meet customers’ strict requirements. Trailers are inspected to ensure they are capable of maintaining food security and product integrity. During storage, cold room temperatures are monitored multiple times per day to ensure tight temperature control. Additionally, Americold facilities deploy several other food safety perquisite programs, such as allergen control to prevent allergen cross contact, cleaning and sanitation, preventive maintenance, and pest control.

How does Americold ensure food safety in its facilities?

Food Safety and product integrity is a critical component in how we support our customers. Americold complies with regulations from FDA, USDA, as well as state and local requirements. Each of our sites must be in compliance with the requirements contained within the Food Safety Modernization Act. To provide oversight within the company, Americold employs a Corporate Director, Food Safety who provides training and enforces compliance across Americold’s network.  Many of our sites are SQF certified or regularly audited by a third party to ensure compliance. Find more information on our Food Safety page.