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You're joining the coolest company in COLD! Find out a little more about Americold below - welcome on board!

Americold Logistics

Welcome on board!

We’re so excited to have you join our team.  The knowledge and experiences you bring with you will help continue to shape our organization and maintain our position as the leader in the temperature-controlled supply chain industry.

Whether you’re relatively new to our industry, or one of the many career cold chain operators, Americold will continue to help you flourish in your field.  Our organization is successful when you’re successful.  So enjoy your onboarding and then bring your ideas up to your peers so we can continue to exceed our customers’ expectations, and drive innovation within our industry.

We wish you the very best in your role with Americold!

What can Americold do?

We do way more than just storing products...

Our Mission is to be the global provider of choice for temperature-controlled infrastructure and supply chain solutions through our innovation, our experience, and our people.

Take a look at this movie for some additional insight into Americold’s capabilities:

What's working with Americold like?

From newly hired engineers to tenured warehouse Associates notching more than 40 years, Americold is a career destination.  Hear from some of our team members in these movies:


Where does Americold have Facilities?

Visit our Facilities page to see a map of our locations and see which one is closest to you and your business.

Does Americold lease or own its facilities?

Americold primarily owns its facilities, though in some cases Americold provides staff for customer-owned facilities or leases buildings if that’s a better fit for a specific program or location. Learn more about our sites on our Facilities page.

Does Americold perform system integration with its customers?

Yes, Americold can integrate its supply chain management systems with a customer’s ERP system, allowing for a seamless and timely flow of information. Please visit our Integrations page for more information. We also offer a solution called i-3PL, if full systems integration is not yet for you.

What ancillary/value-added services does Americold provide?

Americold offers a full range of ancillary/value-added services for its customers – the following are just a few examples: manifesting/take weights, slatting & de-slatting, manual order entry, USDA Services, case and each picking, aisle-ready pallet preparation, date stamping, light processing, blast freezing, and tempering. Discover more by clicking here . We can develop new processes and services to compliment your products as well – you have only to ask.

What is Americold’s stock symbol and on which exchange is the stock traded?

Our symbol is COLD and our stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Where is Americold located?

Our corporate headquarters are located at 10 Glenlake Parkway, Suite 600, South Tower, Atlanta, GA 30328. In addition, we have business development and operations offices located throughout the world. Visit our Facilities page for more information and an interactive map.

How can I buy or sell shares of Americold?

Americold common stock can be purchased on the open market through any registered stock broker.

Does Americold have a direct stock purchase plan?

To purchase Americold common stock, please contact a registered stock broker and seek professional guidance before entertaining any trading strategy.  Americold Associates can participate in the company’s stock purchase program.  Contact your local HR representative for more information.

Does Americold pay dividends?

Yes, Americold intends to pay a quarterly dividend on its common stock.

What are the benefits of operating as a real estate investment trust (REIT)?

A company that qualifies as a REIT generally is permitted to deduct dividends paid to stockholders from its taxable income, which reduces the amount of federal corporate-level tax the REIT is required to pay. As a result, and to comply with certain distribution requirements applicable to REITs, most REITs distribute at least 100% of their taxable income to stockholders and, therefore, do not pay federal corporate-level taxes in most circumstances. Most states follow this federal tax treatment and allow REITs to deduct dividends paid to stockholders from their taxable income for state tax purposes. Certain REIT subsidiaries, however, are fully subject to federal and state corporate-level income taxes.

Where do I get training support for i-3PL?

We have a help desk available to support you – simply call 1-877 762 5457.

What types of automation does Americold use?

Americold strives to deploy only the most appropriate types and amounts of automation given the circumstances – we don’t automate for automation’s sake. Because of this philosophy, we have a number of different technologies in use today and in our plans for the future. Semi-automated systems, such as pallet shuttles operating in deep storage racking and forklift-attached layer pickers, are used in addition to highly automated systems such as pallet load Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems, robotic layer pickers, pallet mono-rails, and case buffer/sequencing technologies with robotic palletization. All are designed to the specifications we require and, of course, to operate in our temperature-controlled environments.