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The US ice cream industry produces more than a billion gallons of ice cream each year! At Americold, we’re proud of our role in keeping our customers’ products cold in our 40+ deep-freeze capable facilities across North America - maintaining a temperature of -20 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve ice cream integrity.

Americold’s Network Includes Frozen and Deep Freeze Cold Storage Facilities Across the US

As a trusted partner in the cold chain, Americold works closely with ice cream and frozen dessert producers to ensure ideal conditions for products while under our care between the point of production and final distribution.

Americold’s ice cream-ready facilities can support regional distribution and maximize full truckload forward deployment, avoiding multiple-stop distribution that could introduce temperature fluctuations and damage the quality of your product.

Americold also offers the potential to participate in a transportation consolidation program with our dedicated fleet of refrigerated trucks offering customized LTL and FTL options. This transportation consolidation program will have no restrictions on order volume size and will ensure your ice cream and frozen dessert products are delivered quickly and more cost-efficiently with minimal product handling to preserve the quality of your product. 

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