Responsive, Innovative Infrastructure and Solutions For Retailers

From the west coast to the east coast, and from consolidations to fulfillment, our unmatched integrated network and innovative supply chain solutions will keep you at the forefront of consumer tastes and trends.

Infrastructure and Solutions

How Americold Helps Our Retailers

Americold Logistics Retailers Network

In a rapidly-evolving consumer landscape, Americold helps you stay on top with the most comprehensive network of temperature-controlled infrastructure and logistics solutions in the world. You can leverage our significant retail experience and innovative supply chain management operations across our network of integrated temperature-controlled warehouses–located in every major U.S. and Canadian market–to streamline operations, reduce capital expenses, and fulfill store-level growth strategies.

With more than 725 million cases picked for retail last year, we process more retail orders than all of our major competitors combined.

Whether you’re a Food Producer, Retailer, Food Service Provider, or somewhere in-between, leverage our temperature-controlled supply chain infrastructure to facilitate the movement of your goods from farm to fork.

Dedicated To Food Production

Our Facilities Can Support Vendor Consolidation or Be Dedicated Retail Distribution Centers - The Choice Is Yours

Explore the various roles Americold's infrastructure can play to support your temperature-controlled supply chain needs.


Services For Our Retailers

Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics/Store Returns

We can coordinate store-returned materials for your convenience.

Pick and Pack

Pick and Pack

We can pick eaches, cases, or layers so you can mix SKUs and maximize pallet utilization. We can even load pallets in store-required order for ease of unpacking at the destination.

Final Packing Customization

Postponement/Final Packing Customization

We can repackage items into customized materials closer to your customer and later along the order cycle time, allowing you to delay product assignment for as long as possible and reduce product handling.


The Scale to Support You, and The Innovation to Advance You.

Watch our movie to see how Americold can compliment your supply chain strategy.

Facility Features For Our Retailers

Multiple Temperature Zones

Multiple Temperature Zones

Our facilities have different temperature rooms to suit the requirements of your product.

Americold Logistics Cold Chain Automation

Warehouse Automation and Robotics

Enhance service cycles and order accuracy with automation and robotics.

Ice-Cream Capable

Ice Cream-Capable

Not just cold, but ice-cream cold.  -20ºF Temperatures to maintain product consistency.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Americold have Facilities?

Visit our Facilities page to see a map of our locations and see which one is closest to you and your business.

Can Americold manage a pallet provider program for its customers?

Yes, Americold can manage your pallet program for both inbound and outbound pallets as well as provide weekly reconciliation with the pallet provider team.

What ancillary/value-added services does Americold provide?

Americold offers a full range of ancillary/value-added services for its customers – the following are just a few examples: manifesting/take weights, slatting & de-slatting, manual order entry, USDA Services, case and each picking, aisle-ready pallet preparation, date stamping, light processing, blast freezing, and tempering. Discover more by clicking here . We can develop new processes and services to compliment your products as well – you have only to ask.


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