Opening New Routes and Fresh Opportunities

At PortFresh Americold, we have chill. But we aren’t laid back. We’re on a mission to provide producers and growers, importers and exporters, with solutions that bring fresh fruit and vegetables to market – fast.

Your Gateway to Growth

Strategically located at the Port of Savannah, Americold PortFresh provides customers with access to new markets. Engineered to maintain cold chain integrity, the facility combined with our logistics expertise allows delivery of the freshest and safest produce from the port to the customer.

With our point of service packaging, we seal in your product’s nutrients for longer by storing it in one of our frozen environments, then bring the product up to a predetermined temperature more quickly using air or water tempering. Frozen product is then brought back up to chilled temperatures, ready for use.

Americold's Chiller Capabilities

Citrus, avocados, blueberries and other products are chilled to perfection in a specifically designed warehouse that allows multiple climate zones.

Americold’s Port & Chiller Capabilities

Savannah Georgia Port Facility Campus Expansion is a port-adjacent food storage and processing center within the Americold network for storing chilled or frozen temperatures products which includes dairy, produce, protein, and seafood.

Port, Frozen and Chiller Capabilities

Blast Freezing Facilities

Blast Freezing

Abide by regulatory requirements, extend product lifespan indefinitely, and lock in flavor, vitamins, and minerals. Americold’s blast freezing process is available at many of our facilities.



We can weigh or segregate product volumes and bag with your brand-labeled materials or those of your customers.

Americold Logistics Food Fumigation


We can isolate and fumigate product as per regulatory guidelines.


Location Matters

Before we opened for business in 2016, 95 percent of the imported fruits and vegetables entering the U.S. East Coast arrived through Northeast ports and were trucked to customers in the Southeast.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a weight limit or requirement for Americold’s boxing services?

We’re able to box typically-sized protein cuts of pork, beef, poultry, and other traditional proteins that come to us in combos weighing 1000-2000lbs.  Generally the combo packaging itself won’t support higher weights without becoming damaged during transportation, and should a combo arrive damaged then we must reject it.  Should you have outsized or overweight requests then simply contact us and we will find a solution.

Do Americold Farmers’ services include the loading of rail cars at international weights?

Yes, Americold Farmers’ services allow you to ship in combo quantities for convenience, and then we can box to weights you specify, freeze, and prepare for export in a rail car that can accommodate up to 194,000lbs or about the volume for 3.5 ocean containers.

What are some of the requirements of Safe Quality Food for Storage and Distribution?

SQF maintains a web page that provides a tremendous amount of information regarding the food safety programs, training opportunities, and detailed requirements: The actual Code for Storage and Distribution can be found under their “Resource Center” and it’s free to download. You can also find additional information about FDA and the recent Food Safety Modernization Act on the same site.

Americold’s Director of Food Safety is an active member of SQF’s Technical Advisory Council and could likely answer any further questions you might have. Contact us for additional information.


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