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We strive for an unmatched facility network and industry expertise with just one goal: to provide solutions that serve your business goals, your brand, and your reputation.

Value-added services

Building on a proven platform

Like our network of 246 temperature-controlled warehouses, our solutions are comprehensive. That’s because we combine in-house expertise with the flexibility to select the best vendors and systems to support you. We’re not tied to any one provider and we don’t have to force systems or equipment to adapt to your needs.

The results are cutting-edge solutions designed to take your supply chain–and your competitive advantages–to the next level.

Services for food producers and retailers

Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics/Store Returns

We can coordinate store-returned materials for your convenience.



Store products in a frozen state to prolong shelf life. Then take advantage of our tempering and date-coding activities to return product back to customer-specific temperature ranges with maximum possible use-by criteria.

Pick and Pack

Pick and Pack

We can pick eaches, cases, or layers so you can mix SKUs and maximize pallet utilization. We can even load pallets in store-required order for ease of unpacking at the destination.

Labeling and Repacking

Labeling and Repacking

Deliver product in bulk to us and have us personalize with customer-specific packaging and labeling. This reduces waste and saves on excess product transportation costs.

Final Packing Customization

Postponement/Final Packing Customization

We can repackage items into customized materials closer to your customer and later along the order cycle time, allowing you to delay product assignment for as long as possible and reduce product handling.

Retail Display Configuration

Retail Display Configuration

Enjoy the efficiency of our preparing your aisle-ready units, and re-purpose on-site processing space. It saves you time and labor.

Americold Logistics Food Fumigation


We can isolate and fumigate product as per regulatory guidelines.


Order Fulfillment/Assembly

Americold is your go-to solution for store order fulfillment for both conventional and e-commerce needs. From each- and case-pick store-ready pallets to full pallet replenishment, Americold can operate within your fulfillment center, from an Americold site, or we can build a custom fulfillment center to your specifications. We use automation where it makes sense to improve supply chain speed and accuracy, so your shelves remain stocked amid spikes in demand.

US Food and Drug Administration Approved (FDA)

USDA Inspections

We can arrange for USDA inspections on-site.



We can weigh or segregate product volumes and bag with your brand-labeled materials or those of your customers.

Americold Logistics Multi-vendor Consolidation

Multi-Vendor Consolidation

Drive out costs and improve fill rates and on-shelf availability (OSA) with Americold’s MVC programs. With on-demand fulfillment, you can place and receive consolidated orders from multiple suppliers within 72 hours from order to delivery .



Combine SKUs into consumer-ready packs before delivery and reduce packaging transportation and the necessity for DC or point-of-sale sorting.

Americold Date Stamping

Date Stamping

Blast freeze your product, then take advantage of cost-effective ocean and rail transportation services. We’ll collect and continue to store your product in a frozen state, then add use-by dates after tempering. The results? Long overall product lifespan and cost-effective logistics.

Americold National Consolidation Programs

National Consolidation Programs

We have a scheduled, temperature-controlled national LTL network that drives right by your facilities – and those of your customers. You get full truckload service for less than truckload rates.



Maximize the capacity of your trucks and use our slatting and deslatting services for product requiring blast freezing. Move more product and have it frozen sooner.

Blast Freezing Facilities

Blast Freezing

Abide by regulatory requirements, extend product lifespan indefinitely, and lock in flavor, vitamins, and minerals. Americold’s blast freezing process is available at many of our facilities.

Americold Logistics cross docking services image icon

Cross Docking

Fast moving products can be cross-docked into waiting trailers or staged as appropriate.  The cold chain remains intact on our temperature-controlled docks.

Meat Boxing Services

Meat Boxing

We can receive meat combos and pack or box for blast freezing and storage within our Farmers’ Produce facilities or prepare for further distribution as per your instructions.

Air and Water Tempering Services

Air and water tempering

Seal in your product’s nutrients for longer by storing it in one of our frozen environments, then bring the product up to a predetermined temperature using air tempering, or more quickly using water tempering.
Foiling and Netting Meat Packaging

Foiling and netting

Complete point-of-sale packaging and consolidate orders at one of our Farmers’ Produce facilities for more convenient and efficient handling at retail stores – we can foil, net, and price tag meat cuts per your instructions.

Make your products work while in storage

Americold's Value Added Services take advantage of this traditional down time. Product customization, kitting, repacking, labeling - it's all possible in a temperature-controlled environment.

Frequently asked questions

Where does Americold have Facilities?

Visit our Facilities page to see a map of our locations and see which one is closest to you and your business.

Does Americold perform system integration with its customers?

Yes, Americold can integrate its supply chain management systems with a customer’s ERP system, allowing for a seamless and timely flow of information. Please visit our Integrations page for more information. We also offer a solution called i-3PL, if full systems integration is not yet for you.

Can Americold manage a pallet provider program for its customers?

Yes, Americold can manage your pallet program for both inbound and outbound pallets as well as provide weekly reconciliation with the pallet provider team.


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