Meeting Your Order Fulfillment Needs in the Cold Storage Warehousing Network

Americold’s temperature-controlled fulfilment solutions are customized for you and deliver to 97.8% of the US population in 2 days or less. ColdCo Logistics is now Americold - that's cool!

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The Ideal Warehouse Network to Optimize Frozen Fulfillment


We can give you the edge against your competitors.  We have integrations with all of the top online marketplaces and cart services, massive transportation buying power to command great rates with our courier partners, and dedicated experts in our fulfillment service centers who curate orders as per your specifications.

Americold’s eCommerce services can manage new or trial product lines or all of your direct-to-consumer order volumes.  We can even source packaging materials, dry ice, and gel packs if you need them, and pack orders to your specifications to ensure your customers experience receipt of your goods exactly as you intended.

Our eCommerce services are supported by our integrated network for traditional temperature-controlled storage and a national transportation consolidation program for complete temperature-controlled supply chain support.

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Delivery in 2-Days or Less to 98.6% of the US Population

If you’re selling food and beverage products online, we can be your fulfillment services provider.  We provide back office administration and distribution center support as well as order management through custom-built software that integrates with all major eCommerce platforms.

Infrastructure and Solutions

Frozen Fulfillment Expertises

Experience the advantages of working with a company who’s fluent in efulfillment: picking and packing, kitting with additional sales collateral or presentation pieces, and one- or two-day shipping nationwide.
Application stack integration

eCommerce Platform Integration

We're integrated with all of the major eCommerce platforms: shopify, BigCommerce WooCommerce, ShipStation. Our proprietary software manages all facets of the transaction to allo you to focus on promoting your products.
Life At Americold

Temperature-Controlled Storage Specialists

Americold specializes in temperature-controlled infrastructure - the storage and transport of refrigerated and frozen food and beverages. Aside from direct-to-consumer services, we offer you warehousing, transportation, supply chain optimization studies, and international logistics support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Americold perform system integration with its customers?

Yes, Americold can integrate its supply chain management systems with a customer’s ERP system, allowing for a seamless and timely flow of information. Please visit our Integrations page for more information. We also offer a solution called i-3PL, if full systems integration is not yet for you.

What Does Americold provide for inventory visibility?

Americold’s i-3PL Supply Chain Control portal offers unmatched visibility into your inventory while it’s within the Americold network. It offers 24/7 online access, dashboards with real-time reporting, event management with email alerts, order management, track and trace functionality, and performance metrics. And all from any web-enabled, smart device.

How do I register for an i-3PL account?

Americold customers can be setup with i-3PL quickly and conveniently – simply visit and select “Need to sign-up for an account” under the login window.

Where do I get training support for i-3PL?

We have a help desk available to support you – simply call 1-877 762 5457.


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