The Food Supply Chain,
An Essential Link in the Food Supply Chain

Americold proudly helps put food on tables around the world by providing the temperature-controlled infrastructure and solutions that connect food from farm-to-fork,

The Food Supply Chain

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The Food Supply Chain

Americold’s Production Advantaged Warehouses

Americold’s Integrated Supply Chain Network

Americold’s Retail Distribution Centers

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of operating as a real estate investment trust (REIT)?

A company that qualifies as a REIT generally is permitted to deduct dividends paid to stockholders from its taxable income, which reduces the amount of federal corporate-level tax the REIT is required to pay. As a result, and to comply with certain distribution requirements applicable to REITs, most REITs distribute at least 100% of their taxable income to stockholders and, therefore, do not pay federal corporate-level taxes in most circumstances. Most states follow this federal tax treatment and allow REITs to deduct dividends paid to stockholders from their taxable income for state tax purposes. Certain REIT subsidiaries, however, are fully subject to federal and state corporate-level income taxes.

Who are Americold’s auditors?

Americold is audited by Ernst & Young LLP.

How can I access Americold’s public filings with the SEC?

You can access Americold reports, statements, and other documents by visiting


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