The Food Supply Chain,
An Essential Link in the Food Supply Chain

Americold proudly helps put food on tables around the world by providing the temperature-controlled infrastructure and solutions that connect food from farm-to-fork,

From Farm to Fork

The Food Supply Chain

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The Food Supply Chain

Americold’s Production Advantaged Warehouses

Americold’s Integrated Supply Chain Network

Americold’s Retail Distribution Centers

Frequently asked questions

Does Americold lease or own its facilities?

Americold primarily owns its facilities, though in some cases Americold provides staff for customer-owned facilities or leases buildings if that’s a better fit for a specific program or location. Learn more about our sites on our Facilities page.

What is Americold’s stock symbol and on which exchange is the stock traded?

Our symbol is COLD and our stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Where is Americold located?

Our corporate headquarters are located at 10 Glenlake Parkway, Suite 600, South Tower, Atlanta, GA 30328. In addition, we have business development and operations offices located throughout the world. Visit our Facilities page for more information and an interactive map.


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