Application stack integration

Integrating our SCM environment with your own system means complete supply chain control with the tools and data sources you need to grow your business.

Application stack integration

Take long-range planning and growth strategies to the next level.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provides a single-window experience to manage your supply chain orders.

Through EDI and interconnected databases, you’ll have access to our powerful application stacks – Americold’s three main systems for warehouse management, labor management, and transportation management – and be able to coordinate complex activity processes efficiently and cost-effectively.  Read more about our core systems below.

i-3PL and interfacing provides real-time inventory and order orchestration

Consolidation of orders within shipments to decrease transit costs in last mile.

Warehouse management system (WMS)

Our WMS is our master system of record for all operational transactions within our facilities. We’ve incorporated RF and voice-picking technology, along with automated task interleaving to assign proximity, priority, and privilege in order to maximize the fulfillment of each journey into our cold rooms. The result? Shorter trips to complete put-aways and product retrieval tasks–and lower costs for you.

Warehouse management system

Labor management system (LMS)

Our LMS takes Associate activity from our WMS and time clock system and creates productivity reports based on engineered standards of expectancy metrics. We optimize our workforce using the insight gained on Associate productivity. An optimized workforce enables accurate labor forecasting and reduced overtime levels to maintain consistently high service levels during peak periods, cost effectively.

products storage

Transportation management system (TMS)

Our National Consolidation program is as reliable and cost effective as it is because of our powerful TMS integration. From load-planning to scheduling and route-mapping, our TMS provides you with the most comprehensive national delivery network available – full truckload service for less than truckload pricing.

Transportation management system

Warehouse execution system (WES)

Automated equipment in our facilities, such as storage and retrieval systems and pallet moles, take instruction from our WMS through our WES. Since we’re not affiliated with any one provider, we’re able to evaluate all available systems and hardware in order to provide you with the most suitable solution available.

Warehouse execution system

Our EDI enterprise dashboard gives you complete visibility and control of data transactions.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Trend analysis for preemptive speculation
  • Transaction traceability
  • Event management with exception alerting

Data Transactions

Data protection

Dedicated to preserving your data as well as your products.

Americold has developed controls that are aligned with ISO 27002/2. We have implemented a comprehensive System Security Plan, monitoring processes, controls identification, implementation, and maintenance as well as continuous improvement of security controls and risk management.

Data protection

Over 55,000 From More Than 800+

We have +800 customers trading over 55,000 documents with our systems each day, connected to us and reaping the benefits through EDI.

99.99% Up-time For Our Systems

Americold’s systems' availability is unsurpassed according to our continuous monitoring and measuring of up-time performance, meaning dependable access and performance you can rely on.

i-3PL National Hold Program

Place product on hold across the Americold network in a single transaction through i-3PL. It can provide immediate containment, equaling brand protection and peace of mind. Learn More

Frequently asked questions

Does Americold perform system integration with its customers?

Yes, Americold can integrate its supply chain management systems with a customer’s ERP system, allowing for a seamless and timely flow of information. Please visit our Integrations page for more information. We also offer a solution called i-3PL, if full systems integration is not yet for you.

What Does Americold provide for inventory visibility?

Americold’s i-3PL Supply Chain Control portal offers unmatched visibility into your inventory while it’s within the Americold network. It offers 24/7 online access, dashboards with real-time reporting, event management with email alerts, order management, track and trace functionality, and performance metrics. And all from any web-enabled, smart device.

How do I register for an i-3PL account?

Americold customers can be setup with i-3PL quickly and conveniently – simply visit and select “Need to sign-up for an account” under the login window.

Where do I get training support for i-3PL?

We have a help desk available to support you – simply call 1-877 762 5457.


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