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At Americold, we’re more than just connecting producers to retailers, food service providers, and consumers. Our comprehensive services culminate from 120 years of delivering value and innovation – and from leading the temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics industry with the solutions our customers need.

The Americold Ecosystem

Americold Logistics Network Overview

If you’re thinking the supply chain is just a place to store overflow product, then let us introduce you to the strategic advantage you can leverage by partnership with Americold and utilizing our ecosystem.

You could simply store pallets of product and pick them up when you need them, or you can take advantage of our value-added services and have your product work further for you while it’s with us.

You could call us up to track every order, to ensure it’s picked- up and delivered as expected, or you could integrate i-3PL Supply Chain Control and monitor by exception – receive alerts should anything fall out of tolerance and use the extra time to focus on your core tasks.

You could get consumed with a complicated supply chain, involving multiple storage locations, transportation companies, and other service providers, and all of the administration that goes with that, or you can partner with our Supply Chain Solutions team who can review your order data and optimize your temperature-controlled logistics operations for you – typically uncovering significant savings in supply chain costs in the process.

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Cold Storage Is Just The Beginning...

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It's About The Journey

Our fleet of almost 4,500 material-handling equipment vehicles each travel around 21.5 miles per week. Added together, that comes to just under 95,000 miles or 3.8 times around the circumference of the earth.

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