Scheduled Consolidation Services To All 48 Contiguous States

Premium services without the premium prices. Our Regional Consolidation Centers connect to provide a national distribution network, so you can service your customers wherever they are from one inventory pile, or push inventory closer to your customers.

Reliability For Regular Replenishment

We provide service to every major city at least once a week, and more often to some cities. We don’t cross dock in transit – so your product is delivered more efficiently, with less risk.

We consolidate multiple vendors, products, and temperatures into one shipment to drive more value and ensure cost control. Or we can top off your full-truck orders to save you up to 30%.

Our buying power, high service standard requirements, and efficient transportation operations enable us to manage your inventory more effectively. We reduce handling, processing, and cycle times to provide you with a lower overall cost of goods sold.

Regional Consolidation

We have a network of six Regional Consolidation Centers offering weekly-scheduled shipments within our service area.  We offer both frozen and refrigerated temperature zones to aggregate more of your orders together for improved fulfillment.

National Consolidation

If your production centers are consolidated within a single region, no problem.  We offer network-wide shuttles to support national order fulfillment from one Americold location. Simply provide us with your order schedule, and we’ll optimize a distribution network to fulfill your requirements on-time and in-full.

Truckload Consolidation

How full are your “full-truck loads” really? 60%? 70%? With truckload consolidation (TLCO), you can save up to 30% on your truckload spend. We will top off your underutilized truckload orders. Only pay for the space you use.

Multi-vendor Consolidation

We have retailer-specific consolidation programs strategically located for national coverage. You can leverage the economies of scale while improving your on-time, in-full performance. Our national reach enables you to enter new markets, eliminating your manual, costly, and time-consuming processes through partnering with Americold transportation.

Dedicated Fleet

Americold offers an asset-based, temperature controlled transportation fleet that provides solutions for dedicated local, regional, and national truckload transportation. Our focus is on safety, service, and value. Our fleet operations are powered by a best-in-class TMS that’s part of our integrated technology package and offers full supply chain while enhancing our driver and operational efficiencies. We work diligently to ensure that you have the right products, at the right place, at the right time and in the expected condition. OLAS, Online Appointment Scheduling, Transportation

We're Here To Support Your Business

The depth and breadth of our consolidation program and our purchasing power with carriers means that we have orders to top-off your truck loads so that you only pay for the space you use rather than the entire truck.

For a complimentary review of your temperature controlled transportation network, click here.

Real programs with real benefits

Through Americold's Consolidation Programs, new customers have seen initial cost savings of at least 15%, sometimes more. Choose Americold to realize:

• Improved on-time service
• Lower transport costs
• Increased fill-rates
• Consistent weekly service
• No minimum order quantities
• Increased delivery frequency
• Shorter lead times
• Reduced carbon footprint

Frequently Asked Questions

What Americold locations can be serviced by rail?

Americold has rail connections to and from many of its sites.  Visit our Facilities page and select Rail Connection from the category filter to view them.

Do you have a consolidation service in Canada?

Not yet but we’re developing the program now.

How do I apply to be a carrier for Americold

If you can uphold the extremely high service standards we expect for our customers, then we’d like to talk with you.  The first step is to apply through our online form on our Contact Us page.  Be sure to select “Vendor Inquiries” from the drop down list to provide some carrier-specific information.

Does Americold accept RFP/RFI submissions?

Absolutely! We have a team dedicated to reviewing requests and working with current and new customers on solution development. Please submit requests either through your Account Manager or to


Become Part of Our Carrier Network

If you’re interested in providing transportation carrier services for Americold, can offer exceptional levels of service, and will uphold our promises to our customers, then we want to hear from you.  Please complete this form and select “Carrier Application” from the Area of Interest drop-down.  We’d love to hear from you.