Americold Farmers Sanford, NC
Cold Storage Warehouse and Logistics

Cold Storage Facility in
Sanford, NC

  • Americold Farmers Sanford – Protein Processing
    Cold Storage Facility
  • 111 Imperial Drive, Sanford, NC 27330, USA
  • Phone: 919 775 4474
  • Map Link

The Americold Farmers Sanford, NC facility is a protein-specific site, and is considered a one-stop shop for supporting the protein production industry.  Americold has a network of Americold Farmers sites, all with value-added services specifically developed in collaboration with protein industry experts.  Our Sanford site, in particular, has been certified as a USDA Grader, where ungraded protein products can be inducted, evaluated, and graded as per USDA guidelines.

Proteins can be delivered in combo totes and our team will sort and pack proteins ready for blast freezing in box volumes you designate. We can pre-label products for export as required.  

After blast freezing, products can be stored, prepared for export, and loaded into containers as applicable.  We have the European Protein Export certification allowing you to stage EU exports from this site and export via the ports in Wilmington, NC, or Charleston, SC.

If required, we can even air- and water-temper, net, foil (with or without gravy or other additions) and tag protein cuts ready for store shelves and your customers.

The facility is connected to the CSX, G&W, and NS rail networks for additional transportation options and convenience. 

This farmers’ facility can be your one-stop supply chain support for your protein operation. With so much more support for your protein readying process, you can consolidate more activities under the Americold roof and significantly reduce the need for additional transportation and service providers.

Facility capabilities include:

  • 27,589 Pallet positions
  • Full suite of transportation programs
  • Drop trailer lot
  • Cross-docking
  • Rail connectivity: CSX, G&W, NS
  • -10oF to 48oF frozen and chilled temperature rooms 
  • USDA Grader certification
  • European protein export certification
  • Bulk repacking and labeling
  • Blast freezing
  • Air- and water-tempering
  • Export services with Container Import Unloading Capabilities (Inspection would have to happen at the Port of Entry)
  • Case picking
  • SQF Certified
  • FDA Approved
  • i-3PL Supply chain control


From the North

  • Take US-421 S
  • Use the right lane to take the US-421 BUS S ramp to Sanford/Cumnock Rd
  • Keep right at the fork to continue toward US-421 BUS
  • Turn left onto Imperial Dr

From the East

  • Take I-587
  • Continue onto I-795 N
  • Continue onto US-264 W
  • Merge onto US-264 W/US-64 W toward Raleigh
  • Continue onto I-87/US-264 W/US-64 W
  • Use the left 2 lanes to take the I-87 S/I-440 E exit toward I-40/US-64 W/Durham/Benson
  • Merge onto I-440 E/I-87/US-64 W
  • Continue onto I-40 W/US-64 W
  • Take exit 293 for I-440 E/US-1/US-64 W toward Raleigh/Cary/Wake Forest
  • Keep left at the fork to continue toward US-1 S/US-64 W
  • Keep right at the fork to continue on Exit 293A, follow signs for US-1 S/US-64 W/Cary/Asheboro
  • Keep left at the fork to continue toward US-1 S/US-64 W
  • Keep left, follow signs for US-64 W/Apex/Sanford/Asheboro/US-1 S
  • Keep left and merge onto US-1 S/US-64 W
  • Continue to follow US-1 S
  • Take the exit toward US-421 BUS
  • Turn right onto Imperial Dr

From the South

  • Take NC-87 N
  • Keep left to continue on NC-87 BYP
  • Continue onto US-421 N
  • Continue to follow US-1 S/US-15 S/US-501 S
  • Take the exit toward US-421 BUS
  • Turn left onto US-421 BUS
  • Turn right onto Imperial Dr

From the West

  • Take I-85 N
  • Take exit 126A-126B to merge onto US-421 S toward Sanford
  • Use the right lane to take the US-421 BUS S ramp to Sanford/Cumnock Rd
  • Continue onto US-421 BUS
  • Turn left onto Imperial Dr

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Sanford is part of Americold’s U.S. cold storage solutions network, providing warehousing, processing, and distribution solutions for proteins, dairy, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, and consumer packaged goods (CPG).   

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What’s Near Americold Farmers Sanford

Sanford was named for C.O. Sanford, a railroad civil engineer instrumental in the building of the rail lines through the area that formed the foundation of what became the city of Sanford.

Sanford is located in Lee County, North Carolina, which was formed from parts of the surrounding three counties in 1907. Upon formation of the new county, Sanford and Jonesboro were the major towns in the area. Rather than decide which would be the county seat, the decision was to place the county’s new courthouse directly between the two towns. For decades, Lee County was the only county in the United States to have a courthouse with an RFD address. In the late 20th century Sanford had grown to such an extent that it eventually merged with Jonesboro. The town of Jonesboro became Jonesboro Heights, and the name of Sanford was kept for the town.

The general Sanford area played key roles in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, specifically regarding sites like the House in the Horseshoe and Endor Iron Furnace. Over the following decades, the Sanford area became an important source of coal, brownstone, and brick. In particular brownstone and subsequent brick production made Sanford a key provider of these building materials for areas throughout the United States.

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